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Advice from a Caterpillar


NYC bedroom! Baby steps.

Here I go…

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Birthday Flowers: In the spirit of extending birthdays for at least a week.


Just being cool. Friday night lights @ the East v. Chapel Hill lacrosse game Early morning birthday 5K for Girls on the Run! God I love Starbucks. Dinner @ Six Plates with some of my favorite people.

My 24th year. Can’t wait to live it.


I’ve been looking forward to you for so long. Please don’t disappoint.Β 

Birthday Month!

attempting to become a yoga bunny. here goes.

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5 minutes before the storm

those 5 minutes are one of my all-time favorite times of day.


I love things like the Myers-Briggs personality test.

Could not be more accurate.



all time favorite birthday breakfast

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on my wall :)

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